Go from coaching to co-cha-ching

Delivering personalized coaching to hundreds of revenue reps wasn't possible—until now. Introducing Lessonly Skills.

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Training Is Broken

Status quo sales enablement feels generic, inefficient, and just plain boring.

Coaching Is the Solution

It’s out with long-winded training plans, and in with coaching in the moment.

Revenue Depends On It

With personalized coaching, reps close bigger, better deals, in a shorter amount of time.

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Assess Holistically

Understand each rep’s skills through reflection, observation, and metrics—all in one place.

Analyze Intentionally

Quickly uncover opportunities for relevant coaching and provide feedback and support right in a rep’s moment of need.

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Drive Productivity

Build personalized coaching plans with your reps to track progress, assign tasks, and achieve business outcomes faster than ever.

Want 76% more closed-won deals?

We want that for you, too.

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FAQs about Lessonly Skills

Check out this webinar to hear how a few of our customers think about skill development as it pertains to personalizing coaching at scale.

A mutually agreed upon set of actions that need to be completed in order to level up specific skills. These are created by a manager for a learner and can be used to track skill development.

Yes, using an external link option similar to linking to a document is possible with Skills. You’ll have three options when assigning a task–Lessonly content (like a lesson or on-demand practice), external content (like a link to a blog post or podcast relative to the rep’s role), or custom task (like shadowing a teammate). It’s common to use a mix of all three task types when creating a coaching plan.

Lessonly Skills can be purchased as an add-on in our Pro and our Pro+Coaching packages. To learn more about the pricing and packaging for Lessonly Skills and other Lessonly add-ons, visit lessonly.com/pricing.