Practice makes progress

Lessonly’s enablement software empowers revenue-driving teams to hone their skills and get up to speed 2.3x faster.

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Practice today, perform tomorrow.

Thoughtful practice is the backbone of great performance. Hone essential job skills and build confident teammates with Practice in Lessonly.

Webcam Recording
Screen Recording
Audio Recording
Chat Practice
Ticketing Practice
Email Practice
Written Response
Webcam Recording Rehearse a pitch or customer interaction on video to perfect your presentation skills.
Screen Recording Capture your screen to master step-by-step processes like demos or product walkthroughs.
Audio Recording Simulate phone calls to increase confidence and clarity when talking to customers or prospects.
Chat Practice Become chat gurus by practicing real-life scenarios behind the scenes.
Ticketing Practice Assign mock tickets so reps practice resolving customer requests. (P.S. Try our Zendesk integration, too!)
Email Practice Train your team to write thoughtful emails that wow customers and prospects.
Written Response Give reps a space to ask questions or provide long-form written responses.

Even superstars practice.

Don’t believe us? Meet some of our customers.

Simplify feedback.

Practice gives teams the freedom to make mistakes behind the scenes so they shine when it’s showtime.

Hone Skills Communicate Faster Measure Impact
Hone Skills
Hone Skills

Evaluate reps on criteria like clarity, confidence, and credibility in customer and prospect interactions.

Communicate Faster
Communicate Faster

Create feedback loops with frontline teammates to highlight what’s working and improve what’s not.

Measure Impact
Measure Impact

Analyze data from across your organization to quantify the impact of Practice on frontline behaviors.

Practice anytime with Lessonly.

Better Work happens when learners are empowered to grow. Everyone should be able to practice on-demand.

Highlight practice

Make space for reps to get 1% better every day, and they’ll show up happier and more engaged.

Gather feedback

Get quick, simple feedback from peers and managers to hone your empathy, tone, presentation skills, and more.

Focus training

Trigger Practice scenarios based on rep performance to address weaknesses and shore up strengths.