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Every winning team starts with practice.
The Practice First podcast is about how to do better practice, so we can do better work.


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Athletes and musicians. Doctors and artists. Chefs and comedians. But practice is absent from the business world. We’re learning the secrets of world-class “practicers” and applying them to life in the office—so that our teams can grow, win, and do better work.


Welcome to Practice First! We're talking to some extraordinary people—from Olympians and circus performers to sommeliers and chefs — as they teach us about practice, and how we might apply it to our daily lives at work and at home.

Rajeev is a professional tennis player and Olympic silver medalist. In this episode, he drops practice knowledge about his shift from singles to doubles and how he learned to practice and win with a partner by focusing on their strengths.

Learn from Sally how imagery and muscle-memory fuel practice, how preparation actually allows for spontaneity and creativity, and how to give and get feedback—from who, when, and how.

In this episode, Neal shares some practice gold. Listen to learn what he discovered about practice in the kitchen from an old-school technique called Tournée-ing and how important reinforcement, brevity, and encouragement are to practice.

Morgan is a professional freestyle mogul skier and Olympian. Her drive to continuously grow and improve her skills, despite countless injuries, inspired us—and we hope it inspires you, too.

Tamika is a practice legend. Listen to learn how to be a leader in practice, focus on the small things, and make refining your skills more than just a repetition game.

As the General Manager of the celebrated Croix Estate and Venge Vineyards, Jason has spent more than 20 years practicing and figuring out how to create and sell wine that people love. And he shares his secrets in this episode.

Kate Redmon spends her days flying through the air on a trapeze. Her job is high-pressure and demands high-performance, but with practice, fear fades and magic happens.

Have you ever met someone who re-learned how to hear with practice? We hadn't either until we talked with Matt Hay. His story and persistence inspire us, and we think they'll do the same for you.

Grab your dancing shoes and maybe even a toothbrush (you’ll have to listen for more context on that one, folks) because in this episode, singer-songwriter, John Splithoff, shares his valuable perspective on practice!

Everyone, meet keynote speaker, business consultant, and beloved announcer for the Kansas City Royals, Joel Goldberg! If you’ve ever wondered what there is to learn from announcing thousands of hours of baseball games, wonder no longer.

Ricky is known for everything from making NFL players think napkins are $100 bills, to helping corporate executives develop better habits. But, Ricky didn’t become the incredible hypnotist and consultant he is today without practice.

In this episode, Jessy Dick from The Washington Ballet company shares why practice fuels freedom not just in ballet, but in any job. So, what are you waiting for? Explore the episode and hit "plié" to start listening.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. Nope, it’s actually Alex Okland! Everyone, join us in welcoming Alex, a seasoned pilot, to Practice First. Alex has been flying since he was 18 years old, and his love for planes, people, and practice is evident.

281 minutes of content. 13 powerhouse guests. 1 complete season of the Practice First podcast. This finale episode highlights the best-of-the-best advice we've gleaned from a whole season's worth of conversations about practice.

Confronting and dismantling racism is messy, but essential. And it all starts with practice. Ben and Conner interview Dr. Janice Gassam on this vital bonus episode of Practice First.

Why Practice First?

We nearly called this podcast Learners First. Over here at Lessonly, we’re in the business of learning. We’ve helped over 1,000 teams build world-class learning programs. But what we’ve realized is that truly great teams, the ones that continuously improve quarter after quarter don’t just learn—they practice. They hone their skills day after day and keep trying to get better.

Think about some of the people who inspire you. Athletes and musicians. Doctors and artists. Chefs and comedians. They didn’t magically become savants. They spent hours, days, years, and careers mastering their craft. They put in the reps and get results. But this idea of practice isn’t one we’ve taken to heart in the business world. And we want to change that.

We want you to become the Jordans, Yo-Yo Mas, and Picassos of your workplace, so we’ve created Practice First. We’re learning the secrets of world-class “practicers” and applying them to work—so that our teams can grow, win, and do better work.

Here’s to the practicers,

Ben and Conner

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